About Dr. Jeffrey Shaw

doc shaw head shotWe believe in your healthy lifestyle.  And we know that in order to maintain your lifestyle your overall health is the most important underlying element.  At the Chiropractic Health Center, we work with you to identify your health problems which are causing your aches and pains and other conditions affecting your lifestyle.  Once identified, we develop a holistic treatment plan to restore and preserve your health without drugs or surgery.  Some of these treatments could include spinal manipulation to correct subluxations, massage, or heat therapy.  Sometimes simply a change in your diet, excercise, or just adding a supportive device will bring you the relief you seek from physical pain.

Your pain free active lifestyle is important to us.  Call and make an appointment today.  Let’s discuss the pain and discomfort that is affecting your health and keeping you from living your active life.  Dr. Buttleman and I work from our West Bay location in leelanau county.  We are here for you.  Our goals are the same as your goals,  your healthy and active lifestyle.

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