Therese Fortin, C.M.T.

20130626_141038Therese Fortin has been a resident of the Traverse City area for over 20 years. She is married and has a son Owen. She enjoys softball, gardening, scrapbooking, and spending time with her family.

Having been born in Newberry, Michigan, when she discovered there was a massage school in Marquette, Michigan, she immediately decided that was where she wanted to go. In 2003 Therese attended the Marquette School of Therapeutic Massage, a small school of only 10 students where she was taught the ins and outs of therapeutic massage and basic knowledge of many other types of massage. While in Marquette, Therese got many of her practice hours of massage working on the boxers and wrestlers who were training for the Olympics at Northern Michigan University’s United States Olympic Education Center. This really built the strength in her hands and arms that she still relies on today.

While Therese mainly focuses on general therapeutic and deep tissue massage, she also does prenatal massage. Therese responds well to her clients needs and can range from a light touch to a very deep tissue. Her practice works around the needs of each client individually.

Hour massage: $70
Half Hour: $35
Hour and a half: $105
Pack of four 60 min massages: $240 (save $40!)





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