Infants and Children

Did you know that the average child falls up to 18 times per day? It is important to get your child’s spine evaluated occasionally just to make sure all is well.

It is also important to recognize that, just like adults, children frequently suffer from preventable health problems. Please do not ignore it when your kids show pain or discomfort, it may be a sign that they need to get adjusted. Bring them in to the office just to get it checked out.

The good thing is kids heal quickly! They don’t need to see a chiropractor nearly as often as adults do because their bodies adapt at a much faster pace.

Adjusting children is done far more gently (with less force and pressure) than with adults because they are much smaller. Most kids love to be adjusted and say they feel better afterward. Sometimes the first trip to the Chiropractor can seem scary, but they usually calm down quickly when they realize it did not hurt.

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