An abiraterone is an active ingredient that is mainly used in cancer therapy. By lowering the hormone level, it prevents the growth of previously undisplaced metastases in the human prostate.

What is Abiraterone?

By lowering the hormone level, abiraterone prevents the growth of previously undelivered metastases in the human prostate.

The abiraterone causes hormone inhibition in male cancer patients. In certain cases, the metastases feed on the man's testosterone. In the process, the cancer no longer feeds on testosterone in the blood.

This can already be significantly reduced in the context of an initiated therapy. In such initial situations, the cancer would thus produce its food itself in the course of so-called androgen synthesis. For this, however, he needs the enzyme CYP17. Its production, in turn, is inhibited by the abiraterone.

The metastases can no longer feed themselves in this way. The production of the hormone in the prostate as well as in the adrenals and testes decreases. As a result, this should be accompanied by a gentle treatment of the cancer. The procedure is relatively new and the corresponding preparations containing the active ingredient abiraterone have only been used in practice for a few years.

Pharmacological action

Abiraterone - actually called abiraterone acetate - causes blockade of the CYP17 enzyme. This means that certain hormones in the blood can no longer be converted into testosterone.

The testosterone level thus decreases. Consequently, the cancer can no longer feed itself. Likewise, he finds in the body no longer enough hormones to continue to grow. The abiraterone can only play its effect in combination with the artificial glucocorticoid prednisolone or prednisone. Finally, the adrenal gland can no longer produce its own glucocorticoid due to the inhibition during the use of the abiraterone.

This must therefore be supplied. In the cases tested so far, however, the success rate increased significantly. On the one hand, this increased the chances of survival of patients after the diagnosis. On the other hand, the serious use of chemotherapy could also be postponed for several months. In addition, those affected reported a low pain development. The administration of appropriate drugs could thus also be reduced.

Medical application & use

The abiraterone is currently only used in a small group of cancer patients. These must be male and have castration-resistant metastases. The growth of malignant cells should therefore not have responded to prior intervention as desired.

It is equally necessary that so far no chemotherapy has taken place and such is not imminent due to the state of health of the person concerned. In addition, a hormone blocking treatment should have been started. The cancer may already be in an advanced stage in these cases. He should not have addressed other measures yet.

The effects of this novel therapy prove convincing. In almost all relevant case studies, there was an improvement in health. Painkillers were reduced and the duration of hospital stays reduced as well. At present, an average survival time of about five months is expected in comparison to those patients who were not given the abiraterone. At the same time, the quality of life increases significantly.

Risks & Side Effects

However, the abiraterone proves to be not just beneficial in terms of any side effects. Pain and swelling of the joints and muscles are frequently observed. The heartbeat reaches an increased rhythm. A general fatigue occurs, smaller loads are perceived as more difficult.

In addition, it can lead to water retention in the cells of the body. There is also an increasing urge to urinate at night. Likewise, the stomach and intestine are affected. The diet is insufficiently digested, diarrhea and vomiting occur more often. A prolonged use of the abiraterone can also damage the organs of the body.

In particular, the liver and the heart are considered vulnerable. The drug must therefore be consumed without exception on medical advice. The unwanted side effects may otherwise trigger acute to chronic conditions or counteract the hoped-for cancer treatment. Tags: 

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