This guide briefly describes how you can lose weight through exercise and exercise and lose weight and fat. Achieving the desired body weight and then maintaining it is a problem for many. It has already been reported a lot and more has been advertised. So far, however, no secret recipe has been discovered, which magic away the extra pounds.

Causes of overweight

Physical activity is the best way to reduce body weight. This will be confirmed by some elite athletes, where short-term weight reduction is part of everyday life.

In some cases of body fullness, genetic traits play an important role. Of course, there are people with good metabolism and bad.

If the amount of food and its composition, the value of which is calorie-denominated, is only as great as the body consumes daily, then one is in equilibrium, and constantly receives one's own weight.

But calories or not, adding more to the body, especially fats, carbohydrates and alcohol (a schnapps has as many calories as a sandwich), so the body puts the unused calories as a reserve in the body. These reserves are then perceived as fat deposits on the body.

Preferably, this shows up in places that are least stressed by physical exercise. In men, these fat reserves are stored primarily in the form of a well-being belly, while the fat accumulates in the woman's hips and thighs.

Ways to lose weight

If one discovers a disproportion between body size, constitution and body weight, possibly with a poor proportional distribution, there are only two possibilities for normalization in a natural and unhealthy way:

1. Consume more energy through physical activity than you absorb through eating, or

2. Consume less calories in your diet than you consume during the day.

Now the first option should be considered, as it is healthier. This form of weight loss is not easy and certainly not easy. But physical activity is the best way to reduce body weight. This will be confirmed by many a boxer, where short-term weight reduction is part of everyday life. However, leisurely walks do not create much energy loss. High-speed hiking through nature, cycling, sporty swimming over a longer period and longer distances are recommended.

With inertia and idleness, no significant weight loss is expected.

When summer bathing, which comes close to a rippling in the water, one uses only a few calories, since the buoyancy of the water lifts its own weight for the most part. Even today, the usual high water temperatures in the swimming pools reduce the calorie consumption by heat extraction, as it is much more effective with cold water.

Jumping, jogging, cross-country skiing and intensive gymnastics promise good weight loss. Even running stairs has a very positive effect on the loss of weight. In principle, all dynamic exercises are advisable, but not pure strength exercises with expander, weights and gym equipment, unless you also want to define your body.

However, health-oriented strength training can be useful and supportive. Pure bodybuilding brings only an increased musculature, which is usually not needed in everyday life, and then only unnecessarily increase the body weight.

Especially the muscle groups in the area where fat has started should be trained. It is stimulated by exercise of the adjacent muscles, then processed and finally disappears. However, this process may take a while.

Be patient with these efforts, check your weight on a regular basis, and use the measuring tape to measure the size of the body, which will then objectively confirm the value of your services. Pay attention to your diet and drinking. You will then be delighted with the real success of losing weight that steam bath, sauna and massages can not bring you. Tags: 

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