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Lose weight with water

Water is vital. Man has to supply water, a quantity of two to three liters is announced. However, water is also bound in the food, about a third of the amount is stored in the food. So humans should still drink about two liters. This also has a positive effect on losing weight. For those who drink a lot of water feel less hungry, the body detoxifies better. Thus, water can have a suppressive effect on weight loss.

Water as a miracle cure

Whether there really is a water diet is more than controversial. Water is not a miracle cure, but it helps to lose weight. Through the water, the body gets everything it needs for metabolism and excretion of pollutants. Those who do not drink enough will quickly become tired and lose concentration.

Often, the hunger, which is actually not hungry, is reported. For a person drinks a glass of water, the stomach calms down quickly and no unnecessary calories are added. Therefore, a glass of water should be drunk before every meal and before going to sleep, it decreases the feeling of hunger and burns at least 150 calories a day.

Increase the water absorption

The need for water can be increased slightly by drinking water every half hour. Even if man does not feel thirsty yet. If you are thirsty, it is usually already too late, the lack of fluid already exists. How much water the body needs is very individual and tailored to each body. The water consumption can be easily determined.

The body weight gives information. So if the body is weighed before and after exercise, you get exactly the amount that the body has lost through sweat. It is only a few grams, but they have to be reintroduced by the body getting fresh water again.

So it makes sense to fill up the fluid reservoir before the sport, so lack of fluid can not even arise. However, you should never drink too hastily and the drink should not be too cold, 15 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature.

Detoxify with water-rich foods

The body has to be cleaned from the inside just in the spring. But do not worry, there are plenty of foods that contain a lot of water and that produce optimal health. The following foods strengthen the immune system, stimulate the metabolism and bring the digestion on the foreground. These include artichokes, which significantly support the function of the liver.

The liver should purify the blood and remove all toxins and pollutants. These fruits now stimulate the bile function and support the liver in its task. Apples are the purest "pollutant killer". Already with two apples a day detoxifies the body in "turbo mode". Asparagus is also great for removing toxins from the body.

Asparagus increases the body's glutathione level, which is supposed to prevent cancer cells and also has positive effects on Alzheimer's. Beets should also be eaten regularly, they strengthen the bile functions and the body can excrete even toxins completely and quickly. So there are a variety of foods that detoxify the body and contain a lot of water. They are healthy, taste great and do the body only good.

For the hard-boiled: fast with water

Fasting with water is really only for hard-boiled and absolutely healthy people. Fasting with water is also called fasting. The fasting cure is not a way to lose weight, however, is the fasting cure, in a very short time, the "normal" weight again. After three days of fasting, the serotonin is increasingly released, which in turn leads to inner satisfaction and harmony.

So the soul comes to rest and at the same time energy is released. People who fast, often sleep little but still feel relaxed. The taste and smell change, virtually all senses are sharpened. All religions know fasting programs, so it is the realization that the human needs very little to be balanced and happy. But what really happens in the body is controversial, even among experts.

Followers defend fasting and claim that the body undergoes an internal cleansing and lifestyle diseases such as hypertension do not occur. School doctors warn that the whole organism would be weakened because it would deprive it of important nutrients. In addition, the addiction risk, such as anorexia, is very high.

Further diet measures: tea, juice treatment

Now you do not have to do a fasting cure, a tea or juice cure does it too. Because even with a juice cure you can lose several pounds while keeping or regaining his health. Juices are very healthy, they dehydrate, deacidify and are basic. There are very tasty juice combinations that affect health, fitness and body weight.

Do not eat too much water

However, you should not drink too much water at once, so the amount should always be distributed throughout the day. Those who drink too much can be injured. It comes to a so-called water poisoning and that is not dangerous. If the intake is faster than excretion, the water stays in circulation and dilutes the blood.

It threatens muscle weakness, epileptic seizures and a certain disorientation. In very bad cases, it can even lead to heart failure or brain edema can form. As a rule, the organism can cope with at most ten liters a day. Experts advise, the amount of drinking should be no more than three liters a day.

Because to a water poisoning it can come even with very small quantities, even with a single admission. As a result, the body runs on low flame, thereby compensating for the salt loss. If this does not succeed, the heart, kidneys, brain and lungs are negatively affected, sometimes these organs completely cease their activity.

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