Acamprosate is used as part of the medicines to support withdrawal therapy in alcoholics. It inhibits the irritability of the brain and thus the desire of the affected person.

What is Acamprosate?

Acamprosate is used as part of the medicines to support withdrawal therapy in alcoholics.

Acamprosate is a white and powdery substance. It is soluble in water only in small amounts and is therefore usually served as a tablet. In contrast, the drug is also resistant to the gastric juices and can enter the bloodstream without restrictions through oral intake and be transported from there into the brain.

There, again, alcohol addicts have an increased value of the messenger substance glutamate. This irritates the consciousness and increases the urge for narcotic drugs. Acamprosate is said to inhibit this desire. For this it attaches to the existing nerve cells. These can therefore no longer be controlled by the glutamate. The healing success should lie in a calming of the brain and a soothing of the nerves, which results in a reduced need for alcoholics.

Pharmacological action

In its structure, the acamprosate resembles a neurotransmitter. In this respect, it is ideally suited for docking at the synapses of nerve cells. Here it can also restore the balance between inhibiting and requiring messenger substances.

In addicts in general and alcoholics in particular, an increase in glutamate is recognizable. This is irritating and increases the craving for spirits. In contrast, the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid is present in too small an amount. The imbalance of the two substances increases the dominance of the disease. The person affected is controlled by his addiction. However, the Acamprosate penetrates through the bloodstream into the brain after ingestion.

Here it occupies the receptors of nerve cells. At these points, the glutamate can thus no longer adhere and is reduced. The occurrence of gamma-aminobutyric acid remains unaffected. The natural ratio of both messengers is produced in this way. As a result, the burden on the brain and nerves decreases. The patient appears calmer and more balanced. The craving for alcohol decreases.

Medical application & use

The Acamprosate is in the phase after the weaning therapy of an alcohol dependent significant importance. Before the prescription a physical detoxification as well as an emotional addiction fight have to be completed.

Only after their success can the Acamprosate be taken for a limited time. It is used three times a day before meals. The duration is regularly limited to six to 12 months. The agent lowers the irritation of the brain and stimulates the nerve cells. This is accompanied by a sinking desire for spirits. However, the Acamprosate is not prescribed for every addict in the wake of weaning.

Especially if you are not yet able to cope with abstinence, a relapse could have serious consequences. In this situation, the alcohol and the drug would interact. This would indeed have the effect of each one of them.

However, the influence of alcohol on the brain would be fatal and could ruin the previous weaning successes. Likewise, the Acamprosat can not be used for the causative addiction therapy, but must be used only in their subsequent application.

Risks & Side Effects

In addition, before taking the Acamprosats the physical condition of the patient must be examined. If this tends to a weakened gastrointestinal tract, then vomiting and diarrhea are to be expected as a side effect. Likewise, however, the person affected may also suffer from a sensitivity of the stomach only on individual days.

Here, the doctor would decide whether the acamprosate should be suspended by the hour or taken in a conventional manner. In addition, the agent can also stimulate the nerve cells of the skin. In these cases, itching and redness may occur in the sequence. Rarely, however, rashes are recorded. Often the sensation in the fingers and hands is changed slightly.

Access to the house key or handshake to a friend may now be accompanied by a slight cocking or tickling. All side effects should, however, be decreasing after a few days. Tags: 

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