The active ingredient adapalene is of great importance in the treatment of skin diseases. The remedy is used externally and is intended to regulate the function of the sebaceous glands. An improvement is therefore primarily achieved in the blackheads - the so-called comedones.

What is Adapalene?

The active ingredient adapalene is of great importance in the treatment of skin diseases. The remedy is used externally and is intended to regulate the function of the sebaceous glands.

Adapalene is derived from naphthoic acid. This has a disinfecting effect. In addition to the adapalene, the basic substance also has a slightly anti-inflammatory effect. Creams, ointments and gels are therefore enriched with the chemical substance. The intake is therefore possible only externally.

A visible improvement can reach the product within four to eight weeks, depending on the physical condition of the patient. It must therefore be applied accordingly long term and continuously. However, the use of adapalene is relatively often mistaken. The creams are - without precise instruction by a physician - used for different skin diseases.

But they are not designed for that. For open wounds and eczema, they must not be applied directly. The use should therefore be limited to a few symptoms and be considered mainly in an increased production of sebaceous glands.

Pharmacological action

At the so-called comedones a malfunction of the sebaceous glands of the skin is involved. They produce an increased level of fat. This, in turn, can only be removed insufficiently by the pores. As a result, small and initially white stains on the skin set.

Primarily the forehead, the nose and the chin are affected. After a few days, the blackheads can turn grayish to dark. With an increased consumption of high-fat diet, the comedones will occur more frequently. The malfunction of the skin can be regulated by the use of adapalene. The cream is applied to the affected parts. That should happen once a day.

The application is made as recommended by the doctor in the evening after the skin has been cleansed. The adapalene initially affects the possible sources of inflammation. Redness is minimized and the itching decreases. The long-term effect lies in the access to the sebaceous glands. Their production of fat is slowed down. After about one to two months, the first visible successes should occur.

Medical application & use

The use of adapalene is so far mainly reduced to two clinical pictures. On the one hand, it is used to improve the already mentioned blackheads. Various forms of acne - primarily the acne vulgaris - are treated with it. The comedones should be present in mild to moderate severity.

If they reach a more intense stage, the adapalene usually can not help as desired. On the other hand, the use of rosacea in chronic conditions is recommended. Therein again there is a problem for the application by laymen. Often the purpose of adapalene is extended to the other skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or acute wounds and insect bites. This error can be fatal. Without exception, the cream may be applied to closed wounds.

Otherwise, it causes intense itching and burning sensation, and may in turn cause eczema. The anti-inflammatory effect will therefore be visible only in a not yet attacked skin area. It therefore requires the diagnosis and follow-up treatment advice of a specialist before adapalene is used.

Risks & Side Effects

The adapalene can lead to burning and itching of the skin in case of misuse. The cream should therefore not be applied to open eczema or come into contact with the mucous membranes in the mouth and nose.

In addition, avoid use before a long stay in the sun. Otherwise, the adapalene may also be on a rash with the UV light. Similarly, the use of several acne albums proves to be problematic at the same time.

They work - like the Adapalen - strongly drying out. This in turn can cause irritation of the skin. In this case, even slight scaling of the skin could come to light. Basically, the use of the cream is therefore rather reduced somewhat. Tags: 

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