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After Sun care products

After sun care products are used to regenerate the skin after sunbathing. In addition to regeneration After Sun care products for a longer-term preservation of sun tan and provide the skin with moisture. They are specially formulated for after-sun care and do not result in heat build-up like normal lotions with lots of fat.

What are After Sun care products?

After sun care products are not only care products after sunbathing, but also soften the sunburn.

After Sun care products are specially designed for the care of skin and hair after staying in the sun, in contact with sand, wind and salt water. As a result of exposure to the sun, hair and skin become dry, which can be compensated by applying After Sun care products. The substances contained in the After Sun care products not only provide moisture, but also have smoothing functions and, in addition, they cool the sun-stressed skin.

Even the feeling that the skin is tense, is a sign of a low sunburn. The effect of wind, water and heat on the skin dry it out and also remove moisture from it. The body's own production of fat is hindered by the irradiation of UV rays. All the more important after sunbathing is the care.

The skin ideally needs 12 hours recovery time. During this time, the body's own system repairs cell damage. By using After Sun care products, this recovery phase can be supported. The care and generous use of After Sun care products makes sense especially in exposed areas that are much more exposed to the sun, such as cleavage, shoulders, facial area and the shins, which have few sebaceous glands. The application of After Sun care products is advisable at least two hours after sunbathing.

Shapes, types & types

After Sun care products are available in various versions to optimally care and cool the skin. Whether it is lotion, fat-free fluid or gel - the decisive factor in the extensive range of after-sun care products is your own skin type and your personal preferences. After sun care products such as a rich after sun lotion usually have a cooling effect and act quickly. Particularly practical is the rapid absorption of the lotion.

Many people prefer an After Sun conditioner in gel form, which looks a little firmer in consistency. In addition to the care, some products promise a deepening of the tan. Even more practical on the go are After Sun care products such as an after-sun spray.

Especially hair suffers particularly from the salt water, the wind and the sunlight. The reason is the water content of ten percent, which strains the hair. Hair absorbs UV radiation, but color-forming creatine is bleached out. Especially long hair and dyed hair suffers from the external effects. A hair pack and the application of a special After Sun care product such as a conditioner, which seals the flaky hair surface. This can be applied as wetlook already before the beach visit to the hair. So he protects and cares for the hair already during the sunbathing.

Structure & functionality

After sun care products contain vitamin E, vitamin C and high levels of important antioxidants. Glycerin supports moisturization. Some After Sun products also contain substances that activate the tan and last longer.

After Sun care products require greases, such as oil, to prevent evaporation and over-drying. Aloe vera, urea and water are important moisturizers that also facilitate the application of After Sun care products. Additives such as jojoba oil, but also witch hazel extract and dexpanthenol soothe the skin. Depending on the product, the additives are different and also dependent on the claim and skin type. Guaranteed should be a simple application and ingredients that do not overtax the already stressed skin, but soothe, nourish and moisturize.

Not every After Sun conditioner has a cooling effect. Sometimes the cooling effect only lasts for a short time. Vitamin E captures oxygen radicals, panthenol promotes regeneration and the proven aloe vera keeps stressed skin supple. After sun care products have a lower fat content, but the proportion of alcohol and water is higher than that of a normal body lotion.

Medical and health benefits

After sun care products are not only care products after sunbathing, but also soften the sunburn. It is worthwhile to read carefully the ingredients contained in the After Sun care product, because some preservatives may trigger allergies.

The cooling of the skin with the After Sun care product is soothing and supports the regeneration of the skin. If the skin is strained by external influences such as wind, salt water, chlorine and sun, it dries out. After sun care products can help her regain moisture. Even without sunburn, the skin dries out through the sun and needs more intensive care than usual.

In addition to care and moisture have a variety of After Sun care products an anti-inflammatory effect and are also pain-relieving. After sun care products soften redness and may help reduce antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta carotene or coenzyme Q10 that are developing.

If the skin is moist, there is also less scaling and the tan stays longer. In general, an After Sun care product helps the skin against premature skin aging.

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