The term aftershave covers remedies that can be applied to the skin after a wet or dry shave to treat skin irritation, razor burn or other minor injuries, to keep the skin supple and possibly give it a special scent.

The offered funds usually have a liquid, gelatinous or balsamic consistency with a large variability of ingredients.

What is an aftershave?

Aftershave products moisturise and soften the skin after shaving.

As aftershave only means are referred to, which are applied after shaving. In contrast, Preshave products are available that are applied before shaving to z. B. exercise a firming and erecting effect on the whiskers, so that the subsequent dry shave as effectively and thoroughly.

Aftershave products pursue different goals, minor injuries and microcracks are said to heal as quickly as possible. Any small bleeding caused by a wet shave should be stopped as quickly as possible in order to prevent small blood spots z. B. on the collar of the shirt to avoid. Therefore, most aftershaves contain astringent substances that cause the contraction of resulting cuts and promote rapid blood clotting.

In order to prevent infections and inflammation, which may be caused by invading germs in microcracks or cuts of the skin, prophylactically, bactericidal substances are usually incorporated into aftershaves. Depending on the skin type, further moisturizing, healing-promoting substances are contained, as well as possibly essential oils, which produce a fresh impression on the skin. Many after shaves are also perfumed to give the skin, depending on the taste, a pleasant, fragrant scent.

Shapes, types & types

The trade offers a wide variety of aftershave products. In principle, it is possible to differentiate between classic aftershave, aftershave gel and aftershave balm or balm. The shaving cream, which can actually be counted among the preshave products, usually contains nourishing substances that penetrate into the skin and even after shaving work.

The classic aftershave consists of a high proportion of denatured alcohol and water. In addition, some other active substances such as perfume oils are incorporated in these products. Aftershave is usually offered in small vials and bottles. In aftershave gels, the nourishing and refreshing effect on the skin is in the foreground. Aftershave gel is offered in flexible containers - mostly plastic tubes - to dose the gel well for application to the skin. The third group of aftershaves is aftershave balm, also known as aftershave balm. It is a moisturizing lotion in which nourishing substances play an important role in keeping the skin looking taut and healthy. Often aftershave balm is also offered without alcohol to avoid the drying effect of the alcohol on the skin. In this case, natural herbal ingredients are used.

Structure & functionality

Of course, the exact recipes of the various aftershaves are kept secret by the manufacturers. Nevertheless, the respective mixture can be roughly estimated if the manufacturers advertise certain properties of the aftershave. Since many people shy away from the denatured alcohol in the aftershave, aftershaves are also offered that explicitly do not contain alcohol. The alcohol in the aftershave acts by itself antiseptic and bactericidal, so that infections on the skin are prevented. The alcohol has a refreshing effect on the skin, especially because of the cooling effect due to its strong evaporation. One drawback is that the alcohol dries out the skin a little and, with constant use, could optically age.

Therefore mix some manufacturers as alcohol substitute certain plant extracts in their aftershaves. The non-alcoholic products usually contain extracts from American witch hazel, aloe vera or certain algae. The substances are mainly used to disinfect the skin. Some non-alcoholic aftershaves also contain tannins or other plant extracts with an astringent effect to avoid the annoying bleeding after shaving. Some manufacturers of aftershave products mix essential oils and fragrances that develop individual fragrances in conjunction with the user's skin.

Aftershave Balm or Aftershave Balm consists of a mostly milky cloudy lotion, which is offered with and without alcohol. Skin-care and moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin are in the foreground of the balsam products. People with sensitive and sensitive skin like to fall back on such aftershave remedies.

Medical and health benefits

The medical benefit of shaving itself is controversial. Men who shave themselves daily most likely follow social beauty. After shaving and using an aftershave product, most men feel fresh, probably in preparation for the daily requirements. Immediately, the shave - especially the wet shave - cause minor skin damage and irritation. Here, a suitable aftershave can provide health benefits by preventing the entry of pathogenic germs into the skin and helping to soothe the skin and nourish the skin.

The creeping process of dehydration and aging of the skin can be delayed a little at best by the use of moisturizing substances in a suitable aftershave, so that even in this case a slight medical benefit can be established. The contained fragrances and fragrance oils are more likely to be associated with the area of ​​communication via the sense of smell, without a measurable medical benefit being recognizable. It also offers aftershave products without fragrance additives, as some men prefer the natural and barely perceptible scent of their freshly shaved skin.

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