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The second pregnancy

The second pregnancy is different in some ways than the first. Since they now know "how the rabbit runs", most mothers perceive new offspring much calmer.

How long to wait until the second pregnancy?

Many couples who have had their first child often wish for another child soon after. So the siblings have the opportunity to grow up together and it creates a real family. In addition, many issues in the second pregnancy can be easier because the parents are now better acquainted with them.

On the other hand, the expectant mother is more stressed because she has to take care of her first child. An important question that most couples face is how long to wait until the second pregnancy. But no matter what point in time the parents ultimately decide, it is associated with both positive and negative aspects.

If the children are separated from one another for less than two years by age, the parents must expect a lot of stress for the first time because now two small children need their care. Another advantage is that the two siblings can play together quickly. Since parental leave often has a longer duration, returning to work can be more difficult.

As recommended is an age gap of three years among the children. This has the advantage that the first child already has a degree of independence. In addition, the mother will find it easier to return to work because the gap to the next pregnancy is longer.

From a medical point of view, the newly minted mother should give her body at least six months rest after the successful first pregnancy. If the birth was due to a caesarean section or if there were complications, the recommended rest period is even twelve months. However, there are different opinions among physicians, so there is no valid guideline.

The second time: what is different?

Most women respond with significantly more composure to their second pregnancy, as they are now familiar with their course. You know better to interpret minor complaints now. However, certain differences are also noticeable. Thus, some pregnant women, who suffered constantly during the first pregnancy from nausea, no longer bad.

On the other hand, in the second pregnancy now pain on the hip appear, which is due to a renewed ligament load. The movements of the child can also be felt more intensively during the second pregnancy.

If there were complications during the first pregnancy, the affected women are often afraid that these may be repeated. However, as each pregnancy takes a different course, no reliable prognosis can be made about it. Basically, the mother now knows about the course of her body during pregnancy.

Precaution in the second pregnancy

Just as important as in the first pregnancy are in the second pregnancy, the checkups. For example, recurrence of gestational diabetes or gestosis must be expected if this was already the case during the first pregnancy. If the pregnant woman goes to a different gynecologist than in the first pregnancy, this should know exactly about its expiration.

This is especially true for miscarriages and complications. Since the checkups, which take place every four weeks, are extremely important, they must always be noticed. In the last two weeks of pregnancy, the check-ups even take place every two weeks. If no preeclampsia occurs in the first pregnancy, the risk of disease is very low even in the second pregnancy.

Geschwisterliebe: How do I prepare my first child for new offspring?

The second pregnancy also affects the first child. So it is no longer just the focus of the parents. Not infrequently this leads to jealousy and problems. For this reason, the first child should share in the preparations for the new family member, if it is already old enough.

Of course, little children still lack understanding of what happens during pregnancy. But there are also special children's books, with which the pregnancy can be explained child-friendly. The time to tell the first child that they are getting a baby or a baby depends on their age.

If the child is younger than three years, it is advisable to wait until the belly has begun to grow. On the other hand, older children will find it easier to explain what happens when they are pregnant. In addition, the first child should feel that they are still important to their parents so that they do not feel retarded.

Once Cesarean section, always C-section?

If the birth of the child during the first pregnancy by Caesarean section, can take place in most women at the next pregnancy due to the modern cutting technique quite a vaginal birth. However, there is a risk of placenta previa or rupture of the uterus. Thus, a new caesarean section is often considered safer.

Tips for a relaxed family life with the second child

The second child is quite a challenge for the everyday life of the young family. It is all the more important that the parents share their responsibilities after the birth. Therefore, the partners should talk in advance about their wishes and problems and tackle them together.

It also requires a lot of time and patience so that the new family can find each other. Not infrequently, the first-born child now increasingly turns to the father, which can be more joint activities.

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