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After the first scientific description of the Elsbeere in 1753 by the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné, the plant has long been forgotten. After being named "Tree of the Year 2011" in Germany, many became aware of the miracle fruit Elsbeere. The healing and tasty fruit of the "beautiful Else" finally has a lot to offer.

You should know that about the dewberry

After being named "Tree of the Year 2011" in Germany, many became aware of the miracle fruit Elsbeere. The healing and tasty fruit of the "beautiful Else" finally has a lot to offer.

The Elsbeere (Latin sorbus torminalis) belongs to the genus of rowan berries, which belong to the family of the rose family. The deciduous tree of the Swiss pear represents the largest rose plant in the world and probably has its roots in the Caucasus.

For centuries he has inspired carpenters with his hard, beautiful precious wood. Especially instrument makers coveted the fine-grained wood due to its excellent polishability. The deciduous tree, which can live up to three hundred years old, bears maple-like leaves, but jagged leaves, on its globally rounded crown. From April to June, the precious wood plant adorns for up to 12 days with small pure white flowers, which are grouped into large umbels.

In late summer, the tree, which is up to 25 m high, produces about one and a half centimeters of fruit. The color of the roundish to pear-shaped Elsbeere is first olive. When fruit ripeness is reached after the first frost in October, the color changes to a bright brown reddish-brown.

The wild berry or Adlitzbeere, as it is called in Austria, is widespread in central and southern Europe, with a focus on the Balkans and France. To Asia and North Africa are spurs of the distribution area to be found. Usually the trees grow singly or in small groups amidst oak and beech forests. The preferred climate is warm and rather dry, which is why Elsbeeren thrives particularly well in south-facing slopes. Due to its good resistance, the Swiss pear tree is frost resistant and grows very well even in the shade.

The soil for the dewberry should be rich in nutrients and clay, so the occurrence on sandy or swampy soils that are water-saturated, is almost impossible.

The fruits of the wild sparrow tree are edible and have a first a tart taste, which passes with increasing maturity in the sweet and sour. The delicious aroma is reminiscent of almonds and marzipan. The consistency of Adlitzbeere changes from hard to doughy to gelatinous. As they become sweeter and softer as they ripen, it is important to catch them in front of the birds, who also regard the Elsberry as a treat.

Importance for the health

The fruits of the Elsbeere have always been used to cure intestinal diseases, as the Latin name proves. Because the word torminalis comes from the expression tormina, which stands for stomach pain.

The administration of an Elsberry mix against the dysentery and against cholera was a common practice in Europe during the Middle Ages. Therefore, the commonly used name "Ruhrbirne" or "intestinal pear" comes from. The chair-strengthening and diuretic effect already appreciated the Romans and the reformer Martin Luther, who ordered them by letter from a friend for his sick wife. This positive effect on the stomach is due to the numerous tannins that are present in the tree. Its astringent power helps to alleviate all stomach and bowel complaints caused by an imbalance in the intestinal flora.

The vitamin C content and the considerable amount of phytochemicals support the body's immune system by strengthening it from within.

The cholesterol and uric acid lowering effect also shows a positive healing tendency in many civilization diseases. Due to the high amount of vitamin C and polyphenols, the Swiss pear with its contained antioxidants also counteracts the aging of the skin and can thus easily compete with many other beauty boosters. Occasionally there is a miraculous effect on headache and migraine, due to the high tannin content and the associated contracting effect.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

The dewberry contains many tannins, including tannin. The contained significant amounts of flavonoids, fruit acids and vitamin C provide a real energy boost in the immune system.

Incompatibilities & allergies

Because the wild strawberry contains vegetable tannins, susceptible individuals with tannin intolerance or allergy to the fruits may experience vascular headache or migraine. In addition, vomiting, nasal irritation or upset stomach can occur. It should be noted that unripe fruit has a higher tannin content compared to fully ripened fruit.

Shopping & Kitchen Tips

Since the dewberry does not fall off like other fruits on its own, it must be harvested individually by hand. After the painstaking work, the berries are stored in a cool, dry place so that the ripening process does not continue. The short time when "the truffle under the berries" is fresh on the market, takes place mostly in late October, early November.

Due to the high pectin content, the unsafe fruits can be overcooked into jams and jellies without adding additional thickening agents. Freezing the fresh berries allows them to sustain their ingredients permanently. Also, placing in sugary syrup preserves the contained vitamins. The Elsbeer flower syrup, however, is prepared similar to the elder flower syrup from the white flowers. It unfolds its extraordinary taste reminiscent of mead best as an addition to champagne or sparkling wine.

Around the year, the Swiss pear can be bought dried. Many reform stores and organic grocers have the almost forgotten miracle berry in the regular assortment. The small chopped dried vitamin bombs are usually mixed with flavor carriers, such as honey or chocolate, or simply snacked in between as a vitamin-rich snack.

preparation tips

The fresh strawberries can be made into delicious Elsbeer slices, a deliciously refreshing bisquit dessert. The addition of the fruit as a "special extra" to pasta dishes, wild or meat sauces is very popular. This can, inter alia, cranberries and cranberries, which are listed as tart acidic accents in many recipes, replaced and thereby a completely new taste can be achieved.

As a contrast to a spicy cheese plate or a chocolate fondue, the tart taste of the wild sparrowhawk comes into its own. Alaskan berries are processed to chocolate together with nougat in the Austrian Krems. Of course, the fruits can be processed into jam or dried to serve as a healthy addition to the morning cereal. However, the most precious use is found in the typical Lower Austrian brandy and in his Alsatian equivalent of the "Alisier" again. The fruity almond flavor gives the schnapps schnapps, which can cost up to 300 € per liter, a very special touch.

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