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Wrinkles away at the mouth and neck

Folding away at the mouth and neck is the topic of this guide. Special attention is paid to facial massages, which you can try on yourself. We hope you will be able to reduce wrinkles around your mouth and neck.

Wrinkles away at the mouth & neck

With the help of a wrinkle injection wrinkles are reduced and the skin rejuvenated. In most cases, Botox (short for botulinum toxin A) is the drug of choice.

In the second part (first part here) of this online massage course against wrinkles on the face and the eyes, we want to turn to the eye, mouth and neck area.

For eye massage I advise you to use an eye wrinkle cream. It is particularly well suited for Livery Crab, which is unfortunately used reluctantly because of its strong odor. Please always take so much cream that your fingers can slide well.

We introduce the eye massage with the large cleaning handle (see Part 1: Folding away under the eyes and on the face). Afterwards, we gently stroke our eyes three times, but we stay under the eyebrows. Then we run with the middle fingers around the eyes very small circles. But please be very careful so that the skin is neither moved nor pushed.

Then we circle our eyes three times with a light stroke and next time we tap the lower parts of the eyes very lightly with our middle fingers, but repaint the upper part below our brows. We also repeat this grip three times and finally pass the hands past the nose and over the forehead to the temples, where we go backwards with a small circle.

Wrinkles away at the mouth through massage

Although this process seems a bit complicated, it is a very good eye massage that often causes wrinkles at an early stage. Also important is the mouth, which we take alternately from left to right between ring and middle finger and then streak out, whereby we always fix one side. Then we pluck the upper and lower lip. Always let your thumb and forefinger swing down slightly and loosely. You can also perform this grip daily, it is very suitable for strengthening the muscles.

Since we are just at the mouth, we take the nostril fold again. We put the middle finger on the nose and go with light, vibrating movements at the fold down to the corners of the mouth. There we tilt our fingers over so that the nail surfaces are at the corners of our mouths and let our fingers snap upwards. This exercise is designed to lift the corners of the mouth as possible.

Face massage against wrinkles

Schematic representation comparing young skin and old skin with wrinkling. Click to enlarge.

Before we go to the neck massage, we treat once again the whole face. To relax, we first carry out the large cleaning handle. Then we pick up the backs of the hands and hit lightly and loosely with our fingers under the chin, going from the middle of the chin to the ears and back again.

If you do not have a skin that is heavily perfused or hypersensitive, you can also apply this grip over the cheek area. You beat it from the corners of your mouth to the ears, from the nose to the temples and back again.

For all skin types then follows the plucking of the temples. We pluck - again very gently and carefully - with the ring fingers on the temples from the eyes to the rear. At the end of the facial treatment, we perform several times the large cleaning handle.

Fold away at the neck by neck massage

Now we turn to the neck. You can sometimes see that the neck is painted from top to bottom. This handle, which looks nice, is wrong. During the massage of the neck area, you have to stroke the course of the split lines, ie from ear to ear, from left to right and vice versa. We go from the chin down ever deeper.

Please also include the décolleté part or breast in the massage. After this stroke, parallel displacements on the skin are carried out. The hands move up and down alternately, from ear to ear and all the way down from the chin. As a reassurance grip, we subsequently strike again in the course of the split lines.

This is followed by the "tulip", a handle that you already know from the point of cleaning. The chin is supported in the hands, and we then stroke the ball of the thumb along the edge of the chin. Then with the back of your hand we describe a circle under the chin, which we start in the middle of the chin, then pull our hands backwards.

Then we tap again under the chin with the back of the hand. You can also beat the chin with the overlapping index and middle fingers. Have your fingers snapped off the chin properly. Then we cut it out again from left to right, make for strengthening a "tulip" and have thus completed the massage.

Each part of the face has been worked through well, the skin has absorbed the cream, and we can follow a compress treatment, mask or wrap.

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