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Runner bean

The Feuerbohne, a legume belongs to the family of the butterfly bloom plants. Other known names are beetle or runner bean. The name of the runner bean, which originally comes from the humid mountain valleys of Central America, results from the mostly fire-red flowers.

You should know that about the Rune Bean

The name of the runner bean, which originally comes from the humid mountain valleys of Central America, results from the mostly fire-red flowers.

Originally, the Rune Bean, a relative of the garden bean, comes from tropical America. In the 17th century she arrived in Europe. The plant is herbaceous, one, two or more years old. In our regions usually annuals are grown and in the warmer areas perennial species.

The Feuerbohne owes its name to the bright red, decorative flowers, due to which the Feuerbohne is also often used as an ornamental plant. The butterfly flowers are in long bunches and they bloom from June to September. The Rune Bean is a climbing plant that can grow seven meters high. The fruit pods can be 25 cm long and are similar to those of garden beans. At first they are green and later they turn brownish. It contains the seeds or beans, which are mostly brown, black, red spotted or purple. The leaves, which sit on long stems, consist of three egg-shaped single leaves.

The runner bean can be grown in the own garden to harvest tasty fruits. But also as a privacy she is well. The Feuerbohne prefers sunny and sheltered locations, but also tolerates partially shaded locations. As the bean is relatively rooted, the soil should be loose, permeable and moist. The planting time for the early runner bean starts from mid-May. Now the seeds are sown in the bed or in a pot. For sowing beans from the own harvest or alternatively from the garden trade can be used. The seeds of the runner bean, ie the beans, remain viable for three to four years.

The fire bean can also be planted on the balcony, for example in a bucket. Here, however, there must be enough space for a climbing aid to which the tendrils of the plant can wind upwards. For the cultivation of the fire bean simple garden soil is sufficient. However, the soil should be well broken up. With the addition of compost, a sufficient supply of nutrients for the bean of the fire is ensured.

Importance for the health

In folk medicine, the dried skins of the runner bean have previously been used as a diuretic and diabetes-promoting agent. Meanwhile, the low-fat bean is often integrated into the diet, as it is an excellent energy and fiber dispenser.

The high energy value, which the Feuerbohne supplies, is particularly important for athletes. Due to the very high content of fiber, the bean is also suitable as a measure against constipation and for the prevention of diverticula and colon cancer. In addition, the high fiber content ensures a longer saturation, a promotion of digestion, a lowering of the cholesterol level and a regulation of the blood sugar level. Also impressive is the high protein content, which benefits not only vegans and vegetarians, because this is the bean of fire to a full-fledged meat substitute.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

In 100 grams of cooked boiled bean about 110 kcal are included. In addition, the legume is an essential supplier of vegetable protein. The very low-fat roast bean also provides many carbohydrates. Other valuable ingredients in the bean include numerous minerals and fiber as well as phytochemicals.

Incompatibilities & allergies

The runner bean contains a fairly high proportion of the harmful substance phasin. Therefore, it must never be consumed raw. Already three to ten raw seeds cause poisoning after 30 to 90 minutes. These include severe vomiting, cramps, severe indigestion, bloody stomach and intestinal inflammation to collapse. However, the harmful substance is destroyed by temperatures of more than 75 degrees Celsius. Afterwards, the roast bean can be enjoyed without hesitation.

Shopping & Kitchen Tips

The seeds of the bean are either dried or pre-cooked in preserves available. The former should be stored dry and well sealed. They are stable for about a year. Too long stored beans stay hard when cooking, so they are inedible. For the roast bean in a preserve, the date of minimum durability must be observed.

When the can has been opened, the runner bean should be consumed quickly. In the markets, young harvested beans are sometimes also available with pods. They stay in the fridge for two to three days, tasting the best fresh. When buying the bean, care should be taken that the fruit peel shines, is smooth and has no cracks. The bean must be full and strong in color. Before the dried runner bean is cooked, it must be soaked for at least 12 hours completely covered with liquid. The cooking time is about two hours afterwards.

It should be noted that the runner bean swells very strong, so that from about 250 grams of dry beans, a salad for four people can be prepared. If you suffer from flatulence, you can add laurel, savory, ginger or caraway to the cooking water. If the bean is to be used for a salad or a main course, it is advisable to add salt to the cooking water. The legume can also be sweet-tasted and some sugar added. After cooking, the bean can also be frozen, which can also reduce the bloating effect.

preparation tips

The fire bean can be used in the kitchen very diverse. It is mainly used as a vegetable, but it is also a good ingredient for a soup or a stew. In addition, the Feuerbohne can be used to make a fine puree or to use the legume for a filling of cucumbers. In Styria the Feuerbohne is also used for various pastries and desserts.

From Styria also comes the well-known recipe with the Feuerbohne, the beetroot bean salad, which consists of onion slices, vinegar, pumpkin seed oil and of course the Feuerbohnen. The bean is also used for the Mexican dish Chili con Carne. For this purpose, the preserved beans and corn are rinsed in a sieve with plenty of water. From the fire bean either the entire pods or only the very nutritious bean kernels are eaten.

The latter are kidney-shaped and, depending on the variety, white or colored in different colors. Therefore, they also look very decorative and can be used for a buffet. However, the seeds of the runner bean must not be eaten raw, but only cooked. As far as the other ingredients are concerned, there are no limits to the imagination when using the runner bean. In principle, what is tasty is allowed.

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