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A Feuermal or Naevus flammeus is a benign, congenital vascular malformation. The exact cause has not been finally resolved. It can also occur together with other diseases. The treatment of a fire pot should be started early. A Feuermal can also be an indication of further malformations of the vessels. Thus, for example, the vessels of the meninges, but also the bones may also be affected.

What is a fire potion?

In general, however, a fire mouth always leads to a reddened skin, whereby the skin continues to change its color when pressure is applied.
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A fire potion is a malformation of the smaller skin vessels (capillaries). The malformation is benign and usually innate. In rare cases, a Feuermal can also develop only in the early childhood phase of life.

Firecals can occur anywhere on the body. Two forms of malformation are distinguished. The more common form is the symmetrical Feuermal. It occurs in 30 to 50 percent of all children and forms in 70 to 80 percent of cases in the first years of life on its own. A special form is the so-called stork bite in the neck.

The second, much rarer form is the asymmetric Feuermal. Of these, only about 0.1 to 0.3 percent of newborns are affected. About five percent of asymmetric firemales are partial symptoms of other diseases. In these cases, there are other malformations of larger vessels or the bones or fatty tissue. The asymmetric shape can occur anywhere on the body and without treatment the fire potion will last a lifetime.


The emergence of a Feuermals could not yet be comprehensively clarified. What is certain is that the malformation is not inherited genetically, as long as it occurs as a single phenomenon and is not associated with further malformations.

There are widespread rumors, but they are all wrong. Firecals are not triggered by a wrong way of life of the mother during pregnancy, or by special events during pregnancy or during childbirth. In rare cases Feuermale occur together with other malformations in the context of a disease.

These include Sturge-Weber syndrome, Proteus syndrome and Klippel-Treaunay-Weber syndrome. In these cases, there is a genetic link between other malformations of various kinds and the Feuermal.

Symptoms, complaints & signs

A Feuermal can lead to various complaints and usually occur in different forms. In general, however, a fire mouth always leads to a reddened skin, whereby the skin continues to change its color when pressure is applied. In some cases, it also causes pain, so that those affected are restricted in their everyday lives.

A pintail can also significantly reduce and diminish the patient's aesthetics so that most patients no longer feel beautiful with this complaint and also suffer from reduced self-esteem or inferiority complexes. This can also lead to mental discomfort and depression. Furthermore, the complaints also leads to bullying in children or to teasing.

Especially on the face, the Feuermal can significantly limit the aesthetics. If the fire pot is near the eyes, it can lead to a cataract and in the worst case to a complete loss of vision. Therefore, the Feuermal must be treated in any case. It can also form nodes that can lead to bleeding. However, the life expectancy of the person affected is not adversely affected by the complaint.

Diagnosis & History

A Feuermal can be diagnosed by its appearance without further investigations. However, as fiery wheals may also be present together with other malformations, the affected children should be examined carefully and accurately.

If the Feuermal is in the facial area, both the brain waves and the eye pressure should be measured regularly, as it can also lead to glaucoma (glaucoma). When diagnosing, it is important to distinguish a pout from a sponge. An untreated fire mallow develops tissue thickening and other vascular dilations.

Blackish nodes can form, which can burst and bleed. Many sufferers often suffer from severe psychological stress due to their changed appearance. Therefore, an early diagnosis and treatment of a Feuermals necessarily advisable.


A Feuermal can lead to different complications. These depend on the position and the severity of the symptom. In most cases, the affected skin area is colored red. Likewise, the discoloration of the site changes when pressure is applied.

If the fire potion is in the face, it must be examined regularly. This can lead to the formation of a green star. Likewise, the knot of fire can form dark knots. These burst and cause bleeding.

In most cases, the Feuermale have a strong negative impact on the mental health of the person affected. Most people do not feel beautiful with the fire pot, which leads to reduced self-esteem. It can also lead to severe mental health problems and depression.

For this reason, early treatment is necessary to avoid such consequential damage. However, a Feuermal can be covered with the help of make-up so that there are no further complaints. However, this is not a permanent solution. With the help of a laser, the Feuermal can also be removed. The removal proceeds without pain and without complications.

When should you go to the doctor?

From three points of view, it makes sense to visit a doctor in connection with a Feuermal. The first case is about recognizing possible concomitant diseases that may be related to a fire potion. These include Sturge-Weber syndrome, Proteus syndrome, and about two dozen other syndromes associated with the fire pot. Frequently, a corresponding clarification makes a genetic analysis necessary. Due to the fact that in almost all cases the fire-mouth is already noticeable at birth, it is up to the parents to clarify a possible illness.

In the second case, it's about pouting in the face. The fact that they can be variable (blood clots), for example, a regular eye control makes sense. Finally, dilated vessels can affect eye pressure and damage the eyes.

The third aspect is more aesthetic: Depending on the location of the fire-mouth, it can lead to aesthetic and psychological impairments in the person affected. In such cases, it may be advisable to go to a specialized dermatological or surgical practice.

Overall, the nevus flammeus but not in need of treatment, as it is to be considered harmless. He himself will not physically or healthily restrict the person concerned. Only possible concomitant circumstances are eligible as a reason for treatment.

Treatment & Therapy

There are two ways to treat a Feuermal. The simplest method is to cover the painting with camouflage or make-up. However, this method is very time consuming and brings only a conditional improvement.

It is a non-invasive, ie not penetrating into the tissue measure, which brings only a cosmetic improvement. The cover with camouflage is not only very time consuming, but must also be learned by expert guidance.

Alternatively, a Feuermal can also be removed. This is done by a laser therapy. The treatment is carried out with a flash-lamp-pumped dye laser, called FPDL for short. In this case, bursting or tearing of the small vessels in the area of ​​the Feuermals is triggered by short pulse lengths.

Outlook & Forecast

The prognosis for a small or large fire mallow (Naevus flammeus) is not very good. Although the fire pot can be harmless, it is usually a permanent disfigurement. This is due to a disturbance in the prenatal formation of the blood vessels.

Since a fire pot remains lifelong on the skin, cosmetic lamination options are a way to deal with it, at least in the facial area. Since such Feuermale are often extended, bluish or dark red and somewhat sublime, they are difficult to conceal inconspicuously. Therefore, the chances of making it less obvious are limited. The prognosis of a laser treatment is also not always promising.

It is true that laser treatment can reduce the extent of a prolonged fire. Often, however, it can not be completely removed by the laser. The prognosis is only more positive for small pots of fire. Again, there is a certain residual risk that the laser treatment can not counteract a recurrence of the fire pot. Particularly extensive facial pains on the face can seriously burden those affected emotionally. Therefore, the prognosis also includes the development of social avoidance behavior, depression or lack of self-esteem.

If the Feuermal is part of a Sturge-Weber or Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, serious damage to the skeleton or the vessels are the result. Here the prognosis is particularly bad, which gives it serious medical abnormalities.


There are so far no preventive measures against the emergence of a Feuermals. However, early treatment is advisable to avoid further complications. It is particularly important to avoid mental stress, which can be caused by an untreated Feuermal. This can be counteracted by premature removal or coverage of the Feuermals.


A Feuermal can not be prevented. Therefore, the aftercare can not aim to prevent a recurrence. Rather, it is about avoiding complications and making everyday life seem worth living. This plays a role in particular when a laser treatment does not allow complete removal.

Doctors can only try to take the mental pressure off the patients. In psychotherapy, self-esteem can be strengthened. Remedies for depression and isolation can be discussed there. Also, the use of make-up and make-up is recommended. Light green color hides the dark red tone of the fire pot.

If the sclerotherapy of the painting succeeds by means of laser technology or if it is located in an inconspicuous place, the follow-up care is usually completely eliminated. Because there is no problematic. It is important in this context, however, that the doctor has previously differentiated the appearance of the skin from other diseases.

In particular, make sure that there is no sponge. This is a tumor. In addition, the male rarely suffers from other conditions such as Sturge-Weber syndrome and Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. It is important to have medical evidence that these are not serious illnesses.

You can do that yourself

Although there are no physical restrictions in everyday life, however, those affected often feel mentally restricted, especially when the face of fire is in the face. The fire pain can be a burden when it is perceived as a stigma and the self-esteem suffers. The problems involved can be severe and can even lead to severe depression. Social isolation and withdrawal into solitude can be the result.

However, these complications in everyday life arise creeping, so you can counteract them well. It is important to strengthen the self-confidence of those affected in everyday life, to integrate them socially and to reduce tendencies of retreat or shame through empowerment, activities and support. Mindfulness and meditation techniques can contribute to self-acceptance, as well as regular exercise.

Feuermale can also be covered in everyday life with special make-up. Of course, this is not a permanent solution, but is often perceived as a relief for sufferers. The make-up techniques must first be learned, the procedure itself is time consuming and not always the result is completely satisfactory. Depending on where a fire pot is, this can also be covered by garments in everyday life.

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