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running Shoes

A running shoe primarily supports the stability and cushioning of the rolling motion of the foot during running due to its special nature. He should act as a health protection and provide comfort. The running shoe is also worn in appealing designs as a casual-sporty casual shoe.

What is a running shoe?

A running shoe primarily supports the stability and cushioning of the rolling motion of the foot during running due to its special nature.

The running shoe is a sports shoe constructed according to need, which is intended to ensure the most comfortable possible guiding and supporting of the foot, especially in the unwinding phase.

The sports shoe is therefore made to fit a wide variety of running disciplines and soil conditions. In particular, the sensitive heel area of ​​the foot is protected by special padding and materials. In addition, various structural changes and supplements to the running shoes compensate for foot deformities (eg flat feet) or obesity.

Criteria in the selection of the matching running shoe are also the external conditions. These include the weather conditions such as rain or snow. For example, while a forest floor can function as a cushioning aid, asphalt or concrete flooring poses a problem for possible stress on joints and tendons. Running shoes should therefore be selected on a case-by-case basis.

In doing so, special features of body weight, feet and the planned frequency of use must be considered. Running shoes can therefore be understood as competition shoes, running shoes, trail shoes or casual shoes.

Shapes, types & types

Running shoes are available in various designs that differ in shape, material, design and type. The basic standard of a running shoe is to support the natural rolling motion during normal running behavior and to be comfortable to wear.

In addition to the stability function, the weight of the running shoe also plays a role. Running shoes, which are primarily assigned to the category of lightness, are characterized by a very low weight and a flat construction. Grippy outsoles and special toe boxes as well as solid upper and rain-resistant membranes are part of the equipment profile for the open terrain. Natural Running running shoes ensure as natural a sense of running as possible thanks to their light, flat, flexible and breathable product style. This guy comes closest to barefoot running.

Leading manufacturers of running shoes, such as Nike, Asics, Adidas or Puma, use innovative technology to produce a variety of high-quality sports shoes for the huge running shoe market. The various running disciplines, ground conditions and personal requirements of the runners as well as the changing design wishes are taken into account.

Structure & functionality

The ankle and heel must be optimally protected when running when the foot touches the ground at about six times the body weight. The protective function of a running shoe comes in several ways to bear. On the inside of the shoe, a support is embedded in the midsole.

In addition to the support function at this point should be reduced by absorbing properties of the running shoe, the energy occurring during impact. For this purpose, the manufacturers of brand shoes have developed different damping systems. One technique is to reduce the severity of the impact by applying a silicone pad at the center of impact of the back foot area. Supportive silicone pads with a higher elasticity in the front foot area. An alternative to the same objective by another renowned running shoe manufacturer is the cushioning by foam and gas-filled plastic sleeves. In addition, some manufacturers also use different gel versions.

The material and shape of the soles and midsoles should have a positive influence on sure-footedness and optimal locomotion as well as durability and comfort. The outsole profile and the rubber compound used are adjusting screws for the quality of the outsole.

The weight bandwidth of the intended users requires the degree of strength of the midsole. Individual needs of the runner may require replacement of the manufacturer insole with an orthopedic insole. In the construction of Natural Running running shoes the damping and stabilizing elements are neglected according to type.

Given the different types of running shoes and different needs, professional advice should be given prior to purchasing running shoes. In this case, a treadmill analysis can be used as a selection aid for the exact determination of personal requirements.

Medical and health benefits

Running is an endurance sport with positive health effects. An important prerequisite for healthy running are suitable running shoes. First of all, the sports shoe must fit. If the shoe is too big, it may cause insufficient support. If the shoes are too small, they will be uncomfortable to the foot. Incorrect shoe size can also lead to blisters or problems with the Achilles tendon. In general, the running shoe should be one-half to one full size larger than the normal shoe.

Lack of lateral support can cause the foot to tip over while running, causing pain in the knee. In extreme cases, the ankle can also bend painfully.

A lack of grip of the sole profile can, depending on the weather and soil conditions, lead to slipping and falls. Too much worn shoes lose their protective functionality. With regular training, the running shoes should be replaced with new ones every year. Ideally, at least two pairs of running shoes should be available for continuous use because after running, the shoes will deform. The regression to the previous form takes some time. During this time, the use of other running shoes can be done. The longer the running time, the more important the correct use of running shoes. If you start jogging slowly, you do not need a full set of running shoes right from the start.

Anyone who braves wind and weather while running and is not afraid of heavy rain should get special running shoes with wetness protection. Insufficient cushioning and poor grip can cause discomfort and damage to ligaments, tendons, and joints. Frequently, the knee joint is affected. Meniscal damage is not uncommon, especially with insufficient cushioning and increased body weight. Affected by occurring complaints is often the hip.

If an ankle is already unstable, special protection must be provided by selecting specific running shoes. Unrecognized foot misalignments or improper running shoes can cause heel spurs over a longer period of time. This is to be understood as a painful inflammation of the thorn-shaped heel outgrowth. Orthopedic insoles for the running shoe can counteract this problem.

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