The Mirabelle is known from France, where it has been popular for about 600 years. In Germany, on the other hand, it has only been native for 300 years. They belong to the plums and the family of the rose family. The Mirabelle is the smallest and finest variety.

You should know that about the Mirabelle

The mirabelle is not only one of the sweetest and most popular garden fruits, it is also very healthy. The mirabelle is characterized primarily by the high potassium content.

The mirabelle are the little sisters of plums and botanically it is a subspecies of plums. The mirabelle has its origin in Asia. The yellow plum species originated from crosses of the cultivated plum.

It reached Europe in the 16th century, where the mirabelle plum tree quickly became indigenous. Lorraine is the largest growing region. There are different Mirabellensorten. Some rely on a pollen donor, while other self-fertile varieties do not require cross-pollination. Among the best known varieties are Nancy, Bellamira and the Metz-Mirabelle. The popular sweet fruits are used almost exclusively for the production of fruit brandies and liqueurs. A mirabelle weighs only about ten grams. Typical for them are the spherical shape and the golden yellow color.

The side of the stone fruit, which got a lot of sun, is also red dotted. The firm pulp of the mirabelle orange-yellow to green-yellow. It dissolves easily from the core and tastes very aromatic sweet to sweet and sour. The harvest time of the mirabelles is in the months of July to September, whereby the plant needs a lot of sun, so that the fruits can develop the full aroma. The tree can reach heights of growth of up to five meters and prefers warm sandy soils that do not dry out.

But there are also trees that are only 1.50 meters tall. Mirabelle plums can also be grown in smaller gardens due to their rather small size. The trees are known for their abundant fruits. The mirabelle is harvested by shaking the tree on which the fruit is hanging.

Importance for the health

The mirabelle is not only one of the sweetest and most popular garden fruits, it is also very healthy. The mirabelle is characterized primarily by the high potassium content, which has a draining effect and promotes digestion.

This is the most important reason why the fruit is so popular with celebrities and strength athletes. They eat them shortly before an appointment in public or before competitions, because the body water is withdrawn, whereby the silhouette appears narrower and the muscles have clearer contours and look defined. Potassium is also important for a well-functioning heart and good nerves. Furthermore, the mirabelle contains a lot of vitamin C.

As a result, the immune system is strengthened and especially in winter, colds can be prevented or alleviated. Also for the metabolism, the mirabelle makes good service. The vitamin C is also involved in the structure of the connective tissue.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

The most important ingredients of the mirabelle are plenty of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, pectin and vitamins. For the sweet taste of the contained fructose is responsible. Furthermore, the mirabelle delights with plenty of beta-carotene, which is the precursor for vitamin A, with vitamin C and various B vitamins. Since the mirabelle contains little acid, it is also well tolerated for people with a sensitive stomach. In addition, in the mirabelle egg proteins, fiber and carbohydrates are included.

Incompatibilities & allergies

Those who like to eat the mirabelle must not miss the high season from July to August, because it is important to buy well-ripened fruits. In the case of unripe fruits, it may otherwise be possible that they will not be tolerated and it comes to abdominal cramps and diarrhea. In addition, it may be that people who suffer from a fructose intolerance, after eating suffer from a feeling of fullness and flatulence. Sometimes it can even cause spasmodic abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Shopping & Kitchen Tips

When buying the mirabelle should be taken to select well-matured fruits in a high quality. This is usually the case on the market. The skin of the fruit must not be damaged and the pulp is as elastic-soft as possible.

Very hard-harvested mirabelle plums either do not soften at all or they do not have a good aroma. Since they hardly ripen, an optimal degree of ripeness is very important. Since the very sensitive fruits spoil quickly, but no overripe mirabelle plums should be purchased. Until consumption, it is advisable to keep it for a maximum of two to three days in the refrigerator. However, it is also possible to freeze it. For this they are filled after washing in a bag, which is well sealed. These fruits should be consumed within one year.

There is not much to do in terms of preparation: they are washed and after draining or gently dabbing, they can be eaten or processed. If the mirabelle is to be cooked or baked, it must first be halved and pitted, which is very easy with the fruit. It should be cleaned only when it is consumed, otherwise the waxy protective layer of the mirabelle is destroyed.

preparation tips

The ripe Mirabelle is of course suitable for raw immediate consumption. Vanilla, honey and almonds create a very special taste experience. But the mirabelle plum also offers many more uses. It is often used to make liqueur or fruit brandies, because the sweet aroma of the mirabelle unfolds this particularly well. Due to the sweetness and the good solubility of the stones in the fruits, they are also very often used as the last fruit and as the top layer in a rum pot or bottled with alcohol and aromatic spices.

Furthermore, the fruits are often used for cooking, for example to jam. Delicious, they also taste like compote, fruit salad and juice. The high content of fructose is enough to give the food or drink the necessary sweetness. Also classics are cakes and pies with mirabelle plums, because here, too, the special aroma comes into its own. They are also very popular for a picnic and break breakfast. The Mirabelle can be used well even in the savory kitchen.

In particular, oriental dishes are known here, for example, fruits that are pickled in vinegar. Carrots and zucchini also harmonize perfectly with the fruits. For spicy food it is recommended to use early harvested mirabelle plums. No matter which dish is conjured, with the juicy Mirabelle sweet and savory delicacies are created in any case. Tags: 

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