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ear candles

Ear candles are special candles for medical applications or to clean the ears. However, some doctors are skeptical of the candle treatment.

What is the ear candle?

Since the invention of ear candles is attributed to the tribe of the Hopi Indians, they often carry the name Hopi candles.

An ear candle is a special candle that is used for special applications. It can be for medical purposes, the cleaning of the ears or certain rituals.

Since the invention of ear candles is attributed to the tribe of the Hopi Indians, they often carry the name Hopi candles. However, there is no evidence for the use of special candles by the Hopis or other Indian tribes. Representatives of the Hopis tribe even opposed the use of the term Hopi candle.

Since 1990, the ear candles are also available in Germany.

Shapes, types & types

Ear candles are offered by different manufacturers and in different forms. However, they have some similarities. So they are hollow inside and reach a length of 20 to 30 centimeters. Some candles also have the shape of a funnel and widen in the upper direction. This candle shape bears the international name "Coning".

Typical components of the ear candles are beeswax, gauze, powdered parts of plants, cotton and essential oils. Some ingredients are not revealed by the manufacturers. The ear candles are suitable for both small and large ears.

At the bottom, most candles have a thin foil made of aluminum. Some providers also provide the ear candles with a safety filter. This prevents the contact of the ear with burnt residues such as beeswax.

A variant of the ear candle represents the body candle. It is considered in alternative medicine as a healing candle. It is also used in the spa area. In contrast to the ear candle, the special candle can also be used in other body regions. It should develop relaxing and revitalizing effects.

Thus, similar to the ear candle harmful slags are removed from the organism. For this purpose, the user places the body candle on the various reflex and chakra points.

Structure & functionality

Most ear candles are made of unbleached, rolled cotton fabric. The candle is also coated with high-quality honey extracts, aromatic essences and natural beeswax.

In the application, the lower end where the safety filter is located on the ear canal of the ear. The candle is ignited and dissolves during firing partly earwax from the ear and picks it up at the bottom.

A colored security marker tells the user when to quit the application. Modern safety filters also prevent the dripping of wax on the ear.

The burning time of an ear candle is between 10 and 12 minutes. They are put into operation by lighting with fire. However, since there is a risk of burns, the ear candles are not suitable for children. Self-application is also not recommended for safety reasons. So there should always be a second person present who will do the treatment and ensure safety.

As part of the application, it is recommended to always treat both ears in succession. After the treatment, the user rested for 15 to 30 minutes, resulting in a better overall experience.

For the positive effect of the ear candles, the resulting fireplace effect is held responsible. Thus, by lighting the candle in the ear to a breeze, which is directed downwards. This creates a slight overpressure. After the burning off of 50 percent of the ear candle, the draft then rises in the upper direction, which in turn leads to a pressure relief.

According to the manufacturer, it comes during treatment to a pleasant feeling of warmth. In addition, the user feels the pressure equalization in the ear, paranasal sinus and forehead area as liberating. In the case of a stuffy nose, it is possible to then breathe more freely. After all, a sense of security and happiness can also set in.

Medical and health benefits

The manufacturers of ear candles recommend their products for the treatment of various ailments. These include insomnia, hyperactivity, tinnitus, earache, headaches, colds, and mild earwax removal. For a medical efficacy of the candles, there are no scientific evidence yet. For this reason, treatment in conventional medicine encounters rejection.

However, ear, nose and throat doctors also warn against the risk of ear and facial injuries. Likewise, a blockage of the ear canal by the heated, dripping wax is possible. Other dangers include burns on the middle ear and earlobe. Therefore, it is particularly important to carry out the treatment carefully and only with certified candles.

To avoid accidents, medical professionals recommend keeping a glass of water ready for erasure when using the ear candle. In some cases, also allergic reactions to the ingredients of the candle. These can be herbs or essential oils.

In no case should treatment be performed for fungal infections of the ear, eardrum injuries or purulent ear infections. The same applies to acute earache.

In recent years, many users of the Ohrenkerzen treatment had to undergo medical treatment, since complications have occurred. This caused burns and occlusions of the ear due to dripping wax. In rare cases even perforations of the eardrum occurred.

For this reason, many ENT doctors consider ear candles harmful to health. In Germany, the recommendation is to select only products that are certified by EU Directive 93/42 / EEC when purchasing ear candles.

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