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The orgasm triggers sexual satisfaction in many people. It can be achieved in different ways. However, there are certain difficulties in women as well as men, which delay or prevent the onset of an orgasm.

What is the orgasm?

Earlier also referred to as Klimax, the orgasm represents the culmination of the pleasure sensation in men and women.

Earlier also referred to as climax, orgasm represents the culmination of the pleasure sensation in men and women. It leads to a psychologically and physically relaxed state, which is perceived as satisfaction.

The orgasm itself is an intense sensation that relieves tension and sexual arousal. The name "orgasm" is part of the Greek language and means translated "passion" or "demanding something violently".

While men can often only have one orgasm in sexual intercourse, women are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. Often, the path to female orgasm takes a long way. This can last for up to a minute. How the orgasm is felt depends on several factors. Usually, the feeling varies from time to time.

Orgasm disorders especially affect young women on the female side. Older women, on the other hand, learn in their sexual development how to experience orgasm.

At orgasm, women and men sometimes have significant differences. Especially for women, the sexual climax is a combination of mental and physical factors. Men, on the other hand, describe their sexual desire as having a lesser psychic component.

Generally, the peak is due to muscle contractions. These can not be controlled but are involuntary.

Function & Task

An orgasm can arise in different ways: when masturbating, intercourse or other sexual practices. Most women, however, are unable to reach orgasm by penetration alone. It can be differentiated between vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

The vaginal climax is perceived by most women as more intense and fulfilling. In the meantime, however, scientists have discovered that the vaginal orgasm is also a clitoral one in fact, because the tissue of the clitoris is more widespread than initially thought and may also be stimulated by penetration in some women.

The female as well as male orgasm can be divided into different phases. First, it comes to the arousal phase. This is the result of sensory perceptions, physical or visual stimuli, such as erotic images, dreams, narratives, gentle touches or the stimulation of erogenous zones.

The arousal phase can last for several minutes or drag over for hours. Physically, an acceleration of the pulse takes place, the blood pressure rises. In the further course the labia and clitoris swell in the woman, the lubrication, the increased fluid production in the vagina, begins. In the man more blood is passed into the penis, whereby this increases in thickness and length.

Due to the moisture of the vagina and the male erection, the penetration can be smooth and painless. It follows the plateau phase, in which the excitement of both partners continues to increase. Control over the body decreases while pulse, blood pressure and breathing continue to accelerate.

In the orgasmic phase, the consciousness changes, which is perceived by many people as a feeling of flying or a kind of emotional outburst. Breathing and heart rate take their highest level, the entire musculature tense.

In women, the orgasm develops through the rhythmic contraction of the muscles of the vagina, pelvic floor and uterus. The lower part of the vagina contracts, which is externally recognizable. In men, however, the orgasm is characterized by the ejaculation and the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles.

Biologically, the orgasm is the stimulus for reproduction. In addition, he manages to reduce existing stress and initiate a relaxation. Many people can fall asleep more easily after satisfying their sexuality.

Diseases & complaints

There are different orgasmic disorders that can be both physical and psychological. An orgasm disorder is the occurrence of too early, too late or the absence of the climax.

The type of orgasm disorder is often different in women and men. About one in four men in industrialized countries suffers from premature orgasm. The climax is reached shortly after the intrusion, whereby the sex is not always perceived as satisfactory.

For women, however, the way to the climax can be delayed. Despite great sexual desire and physical stimulation, there is no orgasm in some cases. Completely missing orgasms are called anorgasmia.

Stress, pressure, tiredness, illness, alcohol or other drugs can lead to orgasm disorders. However, mental factors can also play a crucial role. Just as the psyche helps the arousal, it can also hinder or prevent the climax. In most cases, fear of losing control is such an obstacle.

However, when a missing orgasm is perceived as a disorder depends on individual circumstances. Especially women often find sex satisfactory even if they have not reached orgasm.

Often, men and women are so influenced by cliché images from society that there is a pressure to perform when having sex at their peak. This is not the most important point during the sex act in all humans.

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