By abortion medical professionals understand the intentional termination of an existing pregnancy. This results in the death of the unborn embryo, which is why the procedure is still controversial. Abortions, also called abortion or abortion, can be for health or personal reasons.

What is a termination of pregnancy?

By abortion medical professionals understand the intentional termination of an existing pregnancy.

A termination of pregnancy describes the premature and, above all, deliberate termination of a pregnancy. The decision to abort can be either for health or personal reasons.

If the pregnancy is not desired (for example because of personal circumstances or after a rape) or if it represents a danger to the health and the life of the mother, this can decide for an abortion.

The embryo is removed from the body so that no further growth can occur. The embryo dies during this process and is then "disposed of" medically. Legally, abortion is punishable; however, there are many exceptions.

Function, application & goals

The goal of abortion is, as the name implies, ending a pregnancy. This happens when the expectant mother does not want to give birth to the child for personal reasons or is unable to do so for health reasons.

The abortion takes place in a clinic and is performed by trained medical professionals. To terminate the pregnancy, there are different procedures that can be used. As abortions may only be performed up to the 12th week of pregnancy and the embryo is not viable on its own at this time, it is usually very small interventions.

One very common abortion method is suction. In this procedure, a tube is inserted into the uterus, through which the embryo is aspirated. The complication rate in this procedure is rather low, as well as the physical after-effects for the patient. If larger pieces of tissue have to be removed during pregnancy termination, a so-called scarfing is performed (this can also be done in addition to aspiration).

In addition to the surgical methods to terminate a pregnancy and drug discontinuations can take place. By taking the so-called "abortion pill", the embryo is repelled by the body and excreted by a moderate to heavy bleeding. The use of this drug, however, is only allowed until the ninth week of pregnancy. The procedure is always monitored by the attending physician. In some cases, however, a surgical procedure is still necessary to remove any tissue remnants from the uterus.

If a so-called late termination takes place after the 12th week (for example, if the child would not be able to survive due to illness or disability), this medication can also be carried out. As a result, there is a miscarriage or stillbirth. In addition, to prevent a live birth, the fetus can be killed already in the womb.

Risks & Dangers

Apart from the fact that the abortion is still controversial legal and ethical (sometimes religious), it can mean a great physical and mental burden on the affected patient.

In procedures such as aspiration, the physical pain is limited, and in most cases, there is no complication in a professional carried out demolition. In countries where abortions are banned and are therefore secretly carried out by unqualified personnel, it often leads to sometimes serious damage that can even endanger the patient's life.

However, the later the demolition takes place, the higher the risk of suffering consequential damages such as a so-called cervical weakness even in the case of a professional procedure. In addition, the probability of premature birth after a termination of pregnancy when pregnant again is statistically higher. If complications occur during abortion, the fertility of the patient may also suffer.

As well as the physical stress are also the psychological after-effects, which often result after a termination of pregnancy. These are particularly pronounced when the person concerned encounters incomprehension or rejection as a result of their decision in their social environment.

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